Sacramental Records Held at CTGS

Sacramental Records held at Christ the Good Shepherd include the Oswego Parishes of:

Christ the Good Shepherd
All Sacramental Records:  2019-Present

Saint John the Evangelist
Baptism:  1869-2001
1st Communion: 1947-2001
Confirmation:  1872-2001
Marriage:  1869-2001
Death:  1922-2001

Saint Joseph
Baptism:  1915-2019
1st Communion: 1921-2019
Confirmation:  1917-2019
Marriage:  1915-20019
Death:  1920-2019

Saint Stephen the King
Baptism:  1908-2019
1st Communion: 1911-2019
Confirmation:  1911-2019
Marriage:  1908-2019
Death:  1908-2019

Saint Paul
Baptism:  1842-2019
1st Communion: 1927-2019
Confirmation:  1921-2019
Marriage:  1850-2019
Death:  1976-2019 *
*Death records for St. Paul’s Parish, prior to 1976, are held at the Diocese of Syracuse due to the transfer of St. Paul’s Cemetery from the parish to the diocese.  Please contact the cemetery office at  315-343-5002

Saint Mary of the Assumption
Please contact St. Mary’s Personal Parish & Shrine at 315-343-3953

Saint Peter, Saint Louis & Sacred Heart
Please contact St. Peter’s at 315-343-1352